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How do violent video games affect kid? This has been a question that I have been looking for the answer for a long time and now I finally got the chance to actually use it in class. As we already Twitter is one of the best ways to find information or to get to know new things or to even know what’s going around the world. @swhitbo @DrEscotet @DrCraigMalkin @ihrobertson@iisaphd @ChildPsych
these are a few people I added in my list on twitter, these people are physiologist that are able to understand “Development of kids etc”. These Doctors would really help me in my Genius Hour Project because my project it’s a little about a child brain development and how what he watches will influence him. I believe there are numerous ways to ask someone questions about what you want to know but the best way it’s by showing them in the question that you are not just some random kid that wants to learn about this topic but your actually trying to make a difference in society. Unfortunately I was not able to get any responses from any of my specialist, I think I had to make them know I really was looking for a answer from them specifically.


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Week 9

I’ve been in numerous countries around the world such as , China, Canada, South Africa,  Mauritius, Mexico,  and much more. These countries were the best that I have been too because I memories that I can’t forget easily memories that make me happy in sad moments. But the one that I have liked the most is Canada, I really liked Canada personally because that country is really developed and it’s a country where my sisters live so it is a really good experience for me. I think one place I think you should need for a travel is obviously clothes and essential things such as toothbrush and your person things. Also places I want to go when I grow up or even now are Hawaii, Bahamas and  Australia. These are the places I would love to go. These are also places that I believe people go to not just have fun but to get peace such as let go f problem or personal problems. To add to what you need when you travel, I think you need things that you wont need to buy when you get to your destination.



Week 8 Community

I believe being in a community comes with a lot of benefits as well as disadvantages, as a advantage I would say that when your in a community you are always included and active in some work or with some friends. For example here in ISD (International School Of ISD) it is a big community that everyone interacts with everyone, which I believe helps in numerous was, as in important information if someone doesn’t understand English but he was interactive with people that speak English and French he will know but if he had not interacted he would have not known anything. Now I will tell you a away being in a community is bad. As we already know not everyone in a community is respectful, polite and decent. Sometimes what happens is that those people will do bad things and they can be your friend and they push you in doing it too, which then later messes up your reputation.

What ill do when I finish school

My dream is to become a professional NBA player by the time i get into my 25’s.  I really want to become a professional player because I have loved to play basketball since i was in elementary, and it really relaxes me when I am playing basketball. I also believe that becoming a basketball player is fast money because if you play well and have are able to go against big players then you can make it into the NBA. Also I believe that if you are a basketball player you are known and have fame and, and that is what i want.

About me

Hi, I am a 14 year old from  Mexico and India, I play basketball and soccer. I love to socialize and have fun. I am a good listener,  also like to do risky things such as jumping off mountains. I am also a new student at the International School of Dakar and so far everyone has been polite and respectful. I look forward to a peaceful years.